The Headrest is often the Most Contaminated Surface on a Public Seat!

Seat headrests in public domains, from Movie theaters to means of Travel, can literally go months without being properly cleaned and disinfected.

Imagine hundreds of scalps,thousands of hands, all depositing a complex ecosystem of bacteria, germs and viruses.

All on that same surface you often lay your head on for extended periods of time. The Headrests on Public seats, are in essence, teeming jungles of pathogens.

But you no longer have to fear, as RestGuard shields the most exposed and vulnerable parts of your body – those that come in direct contact with seat surfaces; the neck, scalp, upper back, and often the face.

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Dr. Oz’s Plane Investigation

KENS-TV Cinema Investigation

Disposable Hygienic Headrest Covers!


Travel hygiene is no longer up in the air.


Dive into the story, not germs.


Trips without the microbial mishaps.


Shift gears to cleaner commutes & tours.

There are numerous other public spaces where RestGuard Covers can be incredibly useful!

Public seats, from theatres to planes, are hotspots for bacteria and germs.

Shield yourself and loved ones with RestGuard!

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Restguard’s patented technology fits 99% of seat sizes and configurations.


RestGuard covers are made of the same protective material used by hospitals.


RestGuard covers are compact, light weight, disposable and so easy to use!

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Testimonials & Reviews

“For those sticky theater and plane seats, this is a godsend.”

Jacqueline Lim , Los Angeles, CA

“RestGuard has become my go-to for all my trips. I can’t imagine a flight without it now.”

Abigail Martinez, San Diego, CA

“Shared with fellow passengers, and everyone wanted one. Total trendsetter!”

Bianca Sharma, Denver, CO

“Turns any theater seat into a VIP experience.”

Debra Kwon, Dallas, TX

“A sign of the times, and a product every traveler and movie-goer should have”

Xiaolu Wang, San Francisco, CA

“No more awkwardly wiping down seats. RestGuard has got it covered.”

Samuel Rios, Houston, TX

“Makes every seat feel like my own personal space.”

Nadia Ivanova, San Antonio, TX

“With RestGuard, I feel guarded against the unseen germs.”

Uma Krishnan, Chicago, IL