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Travel hygiene is no longer up in the air.

Movie Theaters

Dive into the story, not the germs.


Commutes without the microbial mishaps.


Shift gears to cleaner travel & tours.

Patented Technology!

One Size Fits 99% of Seat Sizes & Configurations!

Thousands of scalps and hands, all depositing a complex ecosystem of germs on those same surfaces you are to lay your head on for extended period of time.

But you no longer have to fear!

Shield yourself and loved ones with RestGuard!

Priceless Peace of Mind Every Time!

So Easy to Use!
Just Stretch, Set & Release!

The Headrest is the Most Contaminated Surface on a Public Seat!

Seats can go months without being properly cleaned and disinfected!

Public Seats Investigations

Dr. Oz’s Plane Investigation

KENS-TV Cinema Investigation

Don’t Delay, Get Your Peace of Mind Today!

Made of same protective materials used by Hospitals!


“With RestGuard, I feel guarded against the unseen germs.”

Uma Krishnan

"Fits every seat I've tried. Truly a universal solution"

Qina Dawson

"In these times, every bit of safety counts. Grateful for RestGuard."

Qina Dawson

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