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RestGuard Covers

Can RestGuard covers be used more than one time?2023-05-22T11:12:20-05:00
Yes! But its not recommended as  you could be carrying with you those contaminants from your first use.
Would the covers block the seat monitor behind me on planes?2023-08-23T20:45:17-05:00
Our covers are specifically designed not to interfere with the seat monitor. Most modern plane seats have adjustable headrests on which the RestGuard covers can also be attached to the headrest vertically. Follow our “How to Install” videos on our website or the guide included in your kit for proper setup.

Are there different color options for RestGuard?2023-08-23T17:58:09-05:00
Currently, we offer only blue. However, we’re exploring more color choices for the future.
Do the covers fit modern adjustable headrests?2023-08-23T20:43:14-05:00

Absolutely! RestGuard covers can be easily attached to modern headrests “vertically,” just as you would use the ears to attach a facemask to your face. Check out the animated video tutorials on our website for guidance.

What if transportation vehicles already provide headrest covers on seats?2023-08-23T18:04:05-05:00
The covers provided by some carriers are primarily to shield the seats from passenger contaminates and aren’t replaced until visibly dirty. We recommend that you replace those covers with a hygienic RestGuard cover.
What materials are the RestGuard covers made of?2023-08-23T18:18:32-05:00
We use a 12” x 24” non-woven, eco-friendly fabric with natural bacterial barrier properties – the same type utilized by hospitals to protect medical staff. Two braided narrow elastics are used to attach covers onto seats.
Will I inconvenience other passengers when installing my seat cover?2023-08-23T17:47:29-05:00

No, our headrest covers are designed for quick and easy installation. Just stretch, set, and release! You can fit them in a matter of 2 to 5 seconds without causing any delays.

Can I reuse the covers?2023-08-23T17:45:15-05:00

While RestGuard covers can be reused, we advise against it to prevent transferring contaminants from a prior use.

Shipping & Returns

What if my order has not been delivered?2023-05-23T16:52:17-05:00
If after contacting the shipper (UPS or USPS) and you still need assistance regarding the location of your package feel free to contact us at contact@restguard.com.  One of our representatives would be happy to assist you!
How can I track my package?2023-08-23T18:20:17-05:00
Once our shipping department processes your order (usually within 1-2 business days), you’ll receive an email containing your tracking info. Please allow up to 48 hours for the carrier to update the status.
When will my order arrive?2023-08-23T18:21:52-05:00

For in-stock items, processing takes 1-2 business days. The standard delivery method is via USPS, with an estimated 3-5 business days for transit.

If you order multiple items, they might be shipped in separate parcels. For expedited shipping, contact us at contact@restguard.com.

Do you offer international shipping?2023-08-23T18:23:48-05:00

We provide free shipping only within the US.  International customers are responsible for shipping charges. Contact us for a quotation. contact@restguard.com.

What is the Return policy?2023-08-23T18:34:12-05:00

We stand by our 100-Day Money Back Guarantee. If our products don’t meet your expectations, return any RestGuard product bought from our site within 100 days for a full refund. We’ll even pay for the cost of shipping it back. Contact us at contact@restguard.com for questions related to refunds and returns.

If the item ordered and the item received are different and/or incorrect, we will ship out the corrected item at our expense.


Do you offer Wholesale and Retail?2023-08-23T18:35:24-05:00
Certainly! For wholesale or retail queries, email our sales team at contact@restguard.com.
Do you offer private label or branding options?2023-08-23T20:28:12-05:00

Yes, we offer corporate collaborations with our branding. Reach out to us to explore exciting branding opportunities that can elevate your business or organization’s image. email our sales team at contact@restguard.com

If you have any feedback on different products that you would like to see being offer in our store, we would love to hear from you!
Reach out to us at contact@restguard.com for any feedback or suggestions.


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